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this is my goto morning coffee.

light and just strong enough. Not so burned that is overwhelms the taste, but still delicious.

the bad thing is that its pretty much ruined starbucks for me. But i guess i'm saving money overall so i got that going for me

Thank you, Tony!
I love my PalmPress

I use my PalmPress any time I want a cup of coffee. The coffee it produces is delicious. I have given five of them as presents. A great product !!!

You’re our 100th review! Thank you, Doug!
We love this thing. Best possible single cup maker.

Delicious coffee, better than can be purchased at places that charge a lot. Super easy to use, easy to clean. The only possible complaint is that it only makes one cup at a time.

Thank you, James!
Delicious cold brew every morning

Making cold brew has never been this clean and hassle-free. I wish the palm press was larger so I can make multiple servings and share the love.

Thank you, Esther!
Love it!

I’ve had the press for almost two years now. I heard the founder speak at the local tech event in Miami and fell in love with the product even before it was released.
My office coffee routine has been absolutely transformed thanks to this smart gadget.

Thank you, Kat!