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    Delicious Coffee On-The-Go 🥰

    This is the best travel coffee maker EVER! I used to travel with my Aeropress, but this little gadget was a game changer for me. No filters and the coffee is absolutely rich and delicious!

    Thank you, Margie!

    GREAT for travel but also great for home!!

    I bought one of these years ago when you guys first started and I’m still using it but I’m getting a second one to be my dedicated travel press. This thing is PERFECT FOR TRAVEL! It’s so small and compact closed you can put it anywhere. I’ve found myself at friends’ houses where they had no coffee or coffee making implements (shocking, right?!) so now I just take this and some ground coffee in a smell-proof bag whenever I travel. I need coffee in the morning but I only have one cup, so this is perfect. It’s also awesome for camping- I bike camp so space is really important. Melita filters are awkwardly shaped (plus you need the paper filters) and a small French press is hard to clean. I love my PalmPress so much!!!

    Thank you, K.P.!!

    Palmpress Coffee Press
    Gil C Schmidt
    Absolutely splendid!

    Easy to use, eminently portable, I even use it in places that don't serve coffee just to have my own cup! Very well designed and worth every penny.

    Thank you, Gil!

    Great for on the go

    Thanks so much!

    Love love love

    So simple and easy to use, I take this with me anytime I travel and use it on a daily basis. Loved it so much I bought it as a gift for a friend :) definitely a great purchase

    Thank you, Cayla!