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      ★ Reviews

      We love our customers

      282 reviews
      Awesome product!

      A dear friend gave me one for Christmas 2 years ago. I use it every morning! Makes a great cup of coffee, easy to use and easy to clean.! Now sharing the love and gifting to others.

      Thank you, Donna!

      Exactly what I need

      Made a great tasting single cup of coffee. Been drinking instant coffee as I only have one cup a day - not worth the hassle of using my French press. Palm Press is exactly what I need to make that one cup special! May try it with CrioBru cacao, too!

      Thanks, Julia!

      2 Palmpress Coffee Presses

      Thanks, Barbara!

      Awesome improvement!

      I loved the Palmpress and previously had 3 of these, one at home,at work and in my camper. They all had an issue of the plastic ring cracking. Even then I recently ordered 2 more as gifts. To my surprise they have fixed the problem and made it more durable than ever! Thank you guys! It shows how you listen to customers and improve your product. Wish you a Happy successful new year!

      Rajiv, we’re so honored you chose the Palmpress for gifts and that you noticed the improvement! Thank you for the lovely review!

      Lot’s to Like

      The new Green Bean color is cool. I have Palmpress 1 so I confidently assembled. This keeps the brew a just right temperature. Easy no spill pour to my cup. And easier visually to clean out the ground coffee.

      Thank you, Donna!