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Best personal coffee maker on the market!

I have used the palm press for over 1 year now. I just made my second order so I could have one in my office and one at home. I have used several products (ranging from the Aeropress to pour-overs, and other french presses) in search of a perfect cup of coffee. This one is hands down the best I have used!

Thank you, Rosemarie!
Money well spent

Easy to use. Makes a great cup of coffee

Thank you, Roy!
Great for using on the Trail. Also great for making great coffee at work

I use my palm press every day at work. It is wonderful. It doesn't take more than 1 min to clean. Total time to make delicious, non kureig coffee in the morning is 6min. My only gripe is that i wish it was offered in different sizes. 10-12oz is good but sometimes it just isn't enough.

I also started taking it with me on my hiking trips. It is the most ideal for light weight back packing trips when you have to worry about space and weight. It is small, compact, lightweight perfect for a few day hiking trip in the wilderness. You guys should look into the outdoor market. If i had seen this at REI, Eastern mountain sports, Dicks i would have bought it immediately. All my backpacking buddies inquire about it whenever i am using it.

Thank you, Kenneth!
Best coffee-related purchase I've made

Quick, efficient, and still makes a tasty cup of joe.

Thank you, Wes!

The Palmpress Coffee Press

Thank you, Linda!