policy for shipping, returns & exchanges

Palmpress founder Jessica Do Tully

While we hope you love our product, we understand that returns and exchanges happen and we commit to making it a smooth experience. Here you can find our:

  1. forms to process a return/exchange and for other inquiries
  2. shipping rates
  3. return and exchange policy and steps

Thank you very much!


Jessica Do Tully  |  Palmpress Creator
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We currently ship within the USA and Canada.

  • USA shipping rate: Free
  • Canada shipping rate: $10.00 for first item + $5.00 for each additional item

returns & exchanges

Here are the shipping rates for returns/exchanges:

  • USA: Free
  • Canada: $10 for first item + $5 for each additional item (however if the item arrived with issues, of course we will process the return/exchange free of shipping charge)

Here is the return and exchange policy/steps:

  • Keep the shipping package and packing slip for a smoother return/exchange.
  • You can return or exchange the item(s) within 30 days of receipt. Just fill out and submit the Return & Exchange Form (see button at top of page), and we'll email you with a pre-paid return shipping label. Upon receiving the returned items, we will process your refund.
  • At any time, before or after 30 days, if you experience any issues or have any questions with your product, please let us know so that we can make it right. Email [email protected] or submit the Inquiries Form (see button at top of page) and we'll reply to you via email.