The Wave Mug


The Wave Mug
The Wave Mug The Wave Mug The Wave Mug The Wave Mug The Wave Mug

We're so pleased to present our Wave mugs in collaboration with AK Ceramics. Led by Amy Korb, her primary body of work is creating beautiful wares for chef-driven restaurants. Handmade in NY, no two cups are alike.

The Wave mug comfortably holds 10oz of liquid and is shaped to fit perfectly with the Palmpress. If it's anything like we've seen, they'll quickly become a favorite of yours and your guests.

  • Handmade in NY (natural variations occur)
  • Comfortably holds 10oz of liquid
  • Fits perfectly with the Palmpress
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Microwave safe
  • Each order is for one (1) mug
  • Free shipping on two (2) mugs!
Estimated delivery
Ships out weekly from the ceramics studio in New York. Estimated to arrive 10 days from placing the order.
Estimated delivery to USA is 7 business days.
Estimated delivery to Canada is 1-3 weeks.


The average consumer drinks 3 cups of coffee per day

Yearly savings

Palmpress pays for itself in

Waste reduced

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288 reviews
Fun and efficient

I love the Palmpress! I rarely need more than one cup of coffee at a time and this is an amazing way to make sure I’m not wasting any coffee or water. I love it! It’s easy and fun to use. It would make a great gift idea as well!

Thank you, Kate!

Palm Press Revolution

This is my second order of Palm Presses. My friends love them to. I bring it with me on vacations, for the freshest cup of coffee. When someone sees it and asks about it, I usually end up letting them have it. Today I thought about ordering a bunch more. Watch out for a large order coming your way Palm Press.

This made our day, thank you Marc!!

Excellent product

Excellent product

Thank you, Megan!

Palmpress Coffee Press
Cindy McKitrick
This is my second purchase

I love my Palmpress. I ordered this product when it first hit the market and just ordered another one in green. I do miss the indents on the lid though. I have small hands and it is difficult for me to get my hands all the way around the press to secure or open the lid.

Hi Cindy, we're thrilled you love it! The feedback is much appreciated!

Awesome product!

A dear friend gave me one for Christmas 2 years ago. I use it every morning! Makes a great cup of coffee, easy to use and easy to clean.! Now sharing the love and gifting to others.

Thank you, Donna!