Four 12oz Bags of Coffee


Four 12oz Bags of Coffee
Four 12oz Bags of Coffee Four 12oz Bags of Coffee Four 12oz Bags of Coffee

Our coffee is small-batch roasted with care in Miami, Florida.

When brewed with Palmpress, both coffees will have a fuller body and natural creaminess thanks to the immersion brewing and stainless steel filter.

Whole Bean or Palmpress Medium Grind:
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The average consumer drinks 3 cups of coffee per day

Yearly savings

Palmpress pays for itself in

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For hot coffee
  • Add ground coffee and hot water. (We recommend 200° or off-boil water. Palmpress has fill lines if you're not already using a scale.)
  • Close and let brew 2.5 - 3 minutes.
  • Set the Palmpress onto the mug filter-side down and press. Enjoy!

Making hot coffee:

For cold-brewed coffee
  • Add ground coffee and room-temp water. (Palmpress has fill lines if you're not already using a scale. We recommend adding an extra level tablespoon of ground coffee if you plan on drinking with ice.)
  • Close and let brew overnight on the counter or in the fridge, ideally for 12 hours.
  • Set the Palmpress onto the mug filter-side down and press. Enjoy!
Making cold brew:

With Palmpress, coffee does not contact plastic or rubber - instead, it only contacts silicone and stainless steel. Additionally, Palmpress comes with a reusable stainless steel filter.
The taste is similar to brewing with a French press (stainless steel filter, fuller body).
It makes an 8oz cup.
Palmpress comes with a reusable stainless steel filter. There's no need to purchase other filters.
  • Utilizes immersion brewing method for even extraction of coffee.
  • Metal filter for fuller-bodied cup.
  • You control variables to your liking, like coffee-to-water ratio (higher for stronger cup) and brew time.
  • Coffee does not encounter plastic.
  • Brewing does not produce waste (no pods or paper filters).
Use any coffee you like, just have it be medium grind size. Medium grind is coarser than espresso/coffee powder and finer than French press grind. Ways to have coffee ground:
  • Ask the barista
  • Use the grocery-store machine
  • Buy pre-ground coffee
  • Get a burr grinder
Clean between each use so that coffee oils do not build up on the inside or outside of the Palmpress: Open the Palmpress, tap the grounds into the trash, then wash with warm water and dish soap.

We recommend handwashing. It is also top-rack dishwasher safe, however please avoid using harsh detergents that can impart chemical smells. If you do experience any oil build-up (common with silicone kitchen products), a popular deep-cleaning solution is to scrub with a warm-water and baking-soda paste, let sit for 45 minutes, then rinse.
  • Palmpress is BPA-free and phthalate-free.
  • The inner materials are stainless steel and LFGB-approved silicone. The outer materials are ABS plastic with TPR non-slip grip.
  • Coffee does not encounter plastic.

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Love, love, love this!

How great is this? Small and simple and foolproof. Makes a great cup of coffee every time. Let’s me make coffee as needed without messing around with my big coffee maker and then wasting excess brew. I use it every day. Can’t do without it. Visitors admire it and I’m sure you’ve had orders based on that. I’ll go on raving to friends and family.

Thank you, Julia!

The best one cup coffee maker!

Palm press is the best one cup coffee maker I have ever used! I'm the only coffee drinker in the house, and I have tried pretty much everything! I'm very pleased with this option and enjoy every cup that I make using it!

Thank you, Celia!

So Easy!

I’ve been slowly finding ways to make travel simpler and I saw this coffee maker a year ago! It was sold out. The minute I got an e-mail saying it was back in stock, I snapped it up! The coffee the Palmpress produces is very enjoyable! I’m very glad I waited!

Thank you, C!

So far so good

Been using it a couple weeks now and am very happy with it. Well designed, better for taking to work than a French press. I no longer have to worry about the inconsistent coffee at work.

Thank you, Nick!

Palmpress Coffee Press
Leslie Sanders
Excellent device

This is my second Palm Press. It is the perfect coffee maker for me because it is compact and easy to use. We have a small kitchen and I don’t care for the coffee my husband drinks. I can make my one cup a day and have it my way! It’s also great to take in our camper which has limited space. We can have 2 cups of coffee in less than ten minutes! Thank you, Jess for creating such a wonderful device!

Thank you, Leslie!