"This press is amazing! Simple to use. No waste. Coffee tastes better. Easy cleanup. If you are a pour-over coffee drinker this is a must."

★★★★★    - J. Hoff


12oz Bag of Coffee

Freshly Roasted to Order


Makes approx. 20 cups of coffee

A bag of coffee used for a coffee press | Palmpress Coffee
A bag of coffee used for a coffee press | Palmpress Coffee A cup of coffee used for a coffee press | Palmpress Coffee Ground Coffee used for a coffee press | Palmpress Coffee

Our coffee is small-batch roasted with care in Miami, Florida. We change up the offering a few times a year to make room for new, delicious beans. Currently, we're featuring:

The Colombia Coffee: Notes of cacao, nuts. Medium roast.
The Honduras coffee: Notes of grapes, honey. Medium roast.

When brewed with Palmpress, both coffees will have a fuller body and natural creaminess thanks to the immersion brewing and stainless steel filter.

**Coffee orders ship right from the roastery and separately from other items.

Bean Type:
Estimated delivery Estimated delivery to USA is 5 business days.
Estimated delivery to Canada is 1-3 weeks.
Coffee ships right from the roastery & separately from other items.


The average consumer drinks 3 cups of coffee per day

Yearly savings

Palmpress pays for itself in

Waste reduced

Customer Reviews

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A perfect brew flavor
Thanks so much!
Delicious coffee
Thank you, Stuart!
Excellent coffe
Thank you, Regina!
Peru and Nicaragua Coffee
Thank you, Stephen!
Most delicious coffee!
Thanks so much, Rachel!
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Great Compact Coffee Maker

After using my brother in law’s Palmpress, I fell in love and bought myself one. It’s compact for small spaces and camping and makes a killer cup of coffee (fool proof with amounts/proportions listed right on the press). I’m considering getting a second for my office. Easy to assemble and clean.

Thanks, Karie!

Awesome product!

This product is amazing. Produces a clean tasting coffee that is enjoyed daily!

Thank you, Sandie!

Works very well

It's so easy to use, I was able to teach my mom how to use it! She loves my French press coffee, but she won't make that on her own, so this is a great alternative.

Thank you, Edward!

Daily use after a month, conclusion: Still excellent.

Super compact. No waste. Used twice daily since purchasing, ~1 month ago.

Filter: Works much better than I expected, after trying stainless steel filters for pourover and aeropress which were never quite fine enough and made for gritty coffee. Regardless of grind, there's *tiny* last sip which I don't drink because of grit, but that could also be my grinder (Breville).

Mouthfeel: Smoother than french press but heavier than aeropress or pourover with a paper filter.

Error rate: I've only totally f'd up only one time, the second time using - the outer rim wasn't tightened up against the lip of the cone when I tightened the top on. Flip, push down, and coffesplosion. I've never found it like that again when I check, so really not anything to worry about.

Cleaning: Easy, but I've picked up one pro-tip after ~60 uses that makes it even easier. After I'm done pushing the coffee out, I do *not* flip it back over! Amazingly, it doesn't really lose a drop if it's upside down, so no worries about it dripping all over. So I take it off the cup without flipping, knock it against the inside of the sink once, and then unscrew and dump the coffee grounds from the top cap into the garbage. If you *do* flip it over, the coffee falls back into the cone, and there's just more grinds that end up in the drain and you have dump both sides into the garbage.

Thank you, Dietrich! Great tips


What a incredible hybrid brewer that shares some elements with the Aeropress and the traditional Drippers. The build quality of the product is exceptional. And the Palmpress produces a delicious median body cup of joe with hassle free experience in the kitchen.

Thank you, Omar!