Like with wine tasting, coffee tasting is about finding the words to describe what you're reminded of as you sip and smell. Here are simple tasting steps:

  1. Don’t add anything to the coffee for now; just keep it black.
  2. Let the coffee cool down a bit after brewing. It’s harder to identify specific tastes when the coffee’s piping hot.
  3. If possible, compare multiple coffees at once because it's easier to taste comparatively.
  4. Answer these questions to begin to identify what you're tasting:


How does the consistency of the coffee feel as you sip? Perhaps like one of the following consistencies:


Do any of these words capture the flavors you taste? Choose all that apply. Then, try to dig deeper. If it’s fruity, which fruits best match that type of fruitiness?

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Quick and Easy Use

Works well for where ever you need it. Tastes just as good as french press

Thank you, Chris!
Easy To Use, Easy To Clean

5/5 stars.
Great product.
We use it at the house AND when we go camping.
I’d give it more stars if I could.
Cheers ✌️

Thank you, John!
Portable and reliable

I just grind my coffee at home and make my coffee in minutes at work. It’s already paid for itself in two weeks. Great for vacations!

Thank you, Mari!
Great travel maker

Best travel maker. Would like it to make a larger cup.

Thank you, Stuart!

Got a sample with the unit and loved it. Bought 2 bags and they’re just as good. Full bodied and rich, but clean and mellow flavors. And the grind is of course ideal for the press. THANX!

Thank you, RAbbott!