Like with wine tasting, coffee tasting is about finding the words to describe what you're reminded of as you sip and smell. Here are simple tasting steps:

  1. Don’t add anything to the coffee for now; just keep it black.
  2. Let the coffee cool down a bit after brewing. It’s harder to identify specific tastes when the coffee’s piping hot.
  3. If possible, compare multiple coffees at once because it's easier to taste comparatively.
  4. Answer these questions to begin to identify what you're tasting:


How does the consistency of the coffee feel as you sip? Perhaps like one of the following consistencies:


Do any of these words capture the flavors you taste? Choose all that apply. Then, try to dig deeper. If it’s fruity, which fruits best match that type of fruitiness?


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I absolutely LOVE this press!

The Palmpress has been a game changer for me. I love everything about it. From beginning to end, the entire process is so easy! Plus it makes the richest, smoothest coffee I've had the pleasure to enjoy from any coffee maker, french press, or poor over. Plus it's portability is fantastic!

This is a must have. I just purchased 2 more to give to friends as gifts.


Thank you, Dean! So happy you love it!
Game-changer for coffee in the office

I've been looking for a more sustainable way to make coffee in the office for a while (rather than use the Keurig), and the Palmpress has been the perfect solution. Before purchasing, I was a little bit worried that it would be tough to clean in the office sink (no garbage disposal), but it was much easier to clean than expected.

I switch between making coffee at home and in the office, so I like to bring it home with me at the end of each day. It's so light and easy to carry that I don't even notice it in my bag and, unlike a frenchpress, I'm not worried about it breaking if I throw my laptop in my bag a little bit too aggressively.

I also got one for my dad as a father's day gift. He's usually pretty hard to shop for, but this gift was definitely a winner. He's a tinkerer and was extremely impressed with how well made and thoughtfully designed the Palmpress is.

Thanks so much for this amazing product!

Thank you, Alexandra!
So Rad!

The press is our daily brewer now, replaced the aeropress

Thank you, Timothy!
For primitive camping

This is the absolute best item to bring on your trip! All is required is boiled water and grounds! It is very user friendly and worth every dollar. Now that I am back from BWCA, it is the only thing I use to make my morning brew.... my keurig is in storage!

Thank you, Brenda!
We love the Palm Press

I love fresh brewed coffee but sometimes only want one cup. The Palm Press allows me to make the perfect cup of coffee, made to my specifications, with MY coffee of choice anytime and anywhere. A great gift as well.

Thank you, Missy!