Like with wine tasting, coffee tasting is about finding the words to describe what you're reminded of as you sip and smell. It’s a fun way to savor and enjoy your coffee! Here are simple tasting steps:

  1. Don’t add anything to the coffee for now; just keep it black.
  2. Let the coffee cool down a bit after brewing. It’s harder to identify specific tastes when the coffee’s piping hot.
  3. If possible, compare two coffees at once because it's easier to taste comparatively.
  4. Answer these questions to begin to identify what you're tasting:


How does the consistency of the coffee feel, as you sip and as it coats your tongue? Perhaps like one of the following consistencies:


Do any of these words capture the flavors you taste? Choose all that apply. Then, try to dig deeper. If it’s fruity, which fruits best match that type of fruitiness?

Pro tip: Try multiple coffees at once, which makes it easier to contrast and identify flavors!


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Coffee anywhere, anytime!

This thing has saved me at least a couple hundred dollars over the past 6 months! It is incredibly convenient and packs away really well for camping trips.


The Palmpress Coffee Press

Perfect camping/travel brew

Has become my absolute new go-to coffee brewing set-up for camping and travel. I recently took it on a backpacking trip and it was such a perfect solution to balance light packing, size, and quality coffee. Have also used it for multiple work trips to avoid hotel coffee. Can't recommend enough. Will also be giving it as gifts for similar friends who enjoy being on the road without sacrificing a good cup.

Couldn't be happier with my purchase

When the press arrived, I was deeply impressed with the quality of the build and materials. I immediately new, this press would last a life time. I purchased it to provide high quality coffee while traveling in our camper not knowing it would soon become apart of my mourning routine while at home. The quality and richness I received from the Palmpress is far superior to my old mr. coffee machine. This press revolutionized my mornings and I know it will continue to bring joy to my wake up routine. Thanks again for producing a high quality press at an affordable price. I plan on purchasing more to gift to family and friends after experiencing what its capable of.

Coffee lovers companion

Works perfectly for those single cup occasions. Well made. Easy to clean and store. Congratulations on an excellent product! And thanks for including coffee samples. A nice touch.