Like with wine tasting, coffee tasting is about finding the words to describe what you're reminded of as you sip and smell. Here are simple tasting steps:

  1. Don’t add anything to the coffee for now; just keep it black.
  2. Let the coffee cool down a bit after brewing. It’s harder to identify specific tastes when the coffee’s piping hot.
  3. If possible, compare multiple coffees at once because it's easier to taste comparatively.
  4. Answer these questions to begin to identify what you're tasting:


How does the consistency of the coffee feel as you sip? Perhaps like one of the following consistencies:


Do any of these words capture the flavors you taste? Choose all that apply. Then, try to dig deeper. If it’s fruity, which fruits best match that type of fruitiness?


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Excellent Product

Takes no more time than the Keurig cups with which I used to litter the planet, and the coffee is so much better. Highly recommended. Well made, and durable. Plus, it looks pretty cool and has been a real conversation piece at work.

Thank you, Rich!
One Method To Rule Them All !!!

Trying to minimize our coffee prep area clutter, I bought a Palmpress. I hoped it would give our family a single coffee prep method we could all be happy with. Bingo! Love it. Gone are the cone filters, the s/s pour-over cone, the Bialetti stovetop espresso maker, the french press. Palmpress produces a cuppa to suit all our tastes and using it is a pleasure. It's fast, simple, and yields delicious coffee by the cup, easily tweaked for each individual the cup is being made for. And oh my, the ease of cleanup -- dump, rinse and go! Husband skeptical at first but now it's the only way he makes his coffee. Our kiddo with three years' snooty barista training reluctantly tried the Palmpress, then insisted on getting one of their own. Portability is a major plus. The facts that 1) the lid gets twisted on to the Palmpress cone during brewing, and 2) the Palmpress sits on the counter not on the mug during brewing mean that there's little danger of spills (like when your boat heels over). Palmpress is exquisitely engineered, works beautifully, and makes a fantastic cuppa. Love, love, love!!!

Thrilled to hear you love it - thank you, T!
Love it!

I hate having to deal with paper filters--the waste it creates makes me anxious since I like to drink at least 2 cups of coffee most days. This not only gets rid of the filter but lets me make single-serve cold brew! Only negative I can think of is how it can feel a bit difficult to press down at times. Otherwise, I recommend it!

Thank you, Sihui! In case it helps, we find that adding more water or stirring can make pressing a bit easier!

Good product

Thank you, Paul!
A Splendid Cuppa

I am most pleased with my PalmPress. It is a robust little contraption, very easy to use and to clean. It makes a very tasty cup of coffee with very little fuss or mess. It's a pleasure to tote it and know I can make a convenient coffee wherever I go.

Thank you, ELK!