It’s enjoyable to hand-craft your perfect cup of coffee. Think of brewing coffee like cooking an egg, where you can control some simple variables to yield results to your preference. Here are the variables you can control and tweak:


Water is the most abundant ingredient in your coffee. Opt for a pure-tasting filtered water so that your cup tastes as clean as possible. And of course, use coffee that you like! See the Choosing Coffee section on what to consider.


Choose the right grind size for your coffee-brewing method

The recommended grind size varies from coffeemaker to coffeemaker because of differing filter types, brewing techniques, etc. For Palmpress use a medium grind size, which falls between fine espresso grounds and coarse French press grounds.

For fresher coffee, grind your own

For the freshest taste, grind only the amount of coffee you need just before brewing. Opt for a burr grinder which produces more accurate and consistent results than blade grinders. Uniform coffee particles = even extraction of coffee = better tasting coffee.


Store your coffee at room temperature in an airtight container, away from light, heat, and moisture.


Coffee is a dry ingredient, and dry ingredients are best measured by weight as they vary in shape and size. Although it’s totally fine to measure your coffee with a spoon or scoop if that’s your preference, consider measuring your coffee using a food scale for a more consistent taste cup to cup.


A coffee’s strength and caffeine content is best measured as the ratio of coffee to water. The higher the coffee-to-water ratio, the more concentrated and stronger your cup will be. Experiment with ratios that suit your taste!


We aim for a balanced cup of coffee, and below are tips to help achieve just that. We want to avoid an under-extracted or over-extracted cup, which can yield unpleasant flavors.

Use water at the correct temperature

For hot coffee, use approximately 200°F (93°C) water, which is about a minute off boil. For other types of coffee, refer to the water temperature that the recipe calls for.

Bloom the coffee

This is when you pre-wet the coffee grounds with hot water - about twice the amount of water to coffee. You should notice that the coffee puffs up and bubbles form on the surface, caused by CO2 releasing from the coffee.

Ensure even saturation

Gently stir the coffee and water mixture to ensure it’s evenly saturated.

Brew for a sufficient amount of time

For Palmpress we recommend that you start with a three-minute brew time, and tweak to your taste from there. Just like cooking anything else, you control how long it’s cooked for until it’s just right. Good to know: The larger the grind size the more brewing time may be desired, and vice versa.


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Coffee press

It’s awesome. It was everything we expected. Thanks so much.

Cool idea, needs work

The idea itself, I am all down for. Don’t necessarily agree with their grind size or water to coffee ratio reccomendations (I ended up grinding slightly coarser and adding more coffee and less water), but when I fine-tuned it, it makes a decent cup of coffee. I like that it is relatively waste free and the fairly easy to clean. The only thing that frustrates me is that it is not easy to press. The extendable cup is made of silicone so it wobbles around a lot and folds in the wrong places, making it difficult to press down. Wish there was more stability and ease built into the design and I wish their were actually measurement marks instead of just “coffee” and “max fill line.”

Great for work and travel

Excellent design, and cup of coffee! Really useful to take on vacation, packs neatly away and a bunch of people at work love it so they can have a decent cup of coffee at their desks

Love it

Best single cup coffee maker ever. I only wish it were a little bigger than 8 ounces so I could have a bigger cup

Nicaragua Coffee

This is probably the best coffee I have ever had that I made myself. I love the flavor and making it in the Palmpress is even better than pour over. I highly recommend!