how to brew cold coffee with palmpress

cold brew

Cold-brewing coffee involves using time instead of heat to extract deliciousness from the ground coffee. This slow-brewing method can result in a sweeter, flavorful cup.

1. Add 4 level tablespoons ground coffee.

2. Add room-temperature water to the MAX FILL line. Stir to ensure no dry spots.

3. Close Filter Cap and let sit on counter for 12+ hours (convenient to let steep over night).

4. Set Palmpress onto mug Filter-side down, and gently press downward.

5. Remove Palmpress from mug - add ice and enjoy!

iced coffee

For iced coffee that's not over-diluted, brew slightly concentrated hot coffee and press over ice.

1. Add ground coffee to the COFFEE LINE and add hot water to 1-inch below the MAX FILL line. Hot water should be about 200°F, or a minute off-boil. (Alternatively, for a larger cup, add 4 level tablespoons ground coffee and add hot water to the MAX FILL line.)

2. Close Filter Cap and let brew for 3 minutes. During this time, fill mug halfway with ice.

3. Set Palmpress onto mug Filter-side down, and gently press downward.

4. Remove Palmpress from mug - add ice and enjoy!


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Soooo good!

With my favorite coffee, ground fresh, and 4 minutes, PERFECT coffee! Easy to use, simple to clean - love the Palmpress!!!

My absolute favorite!

I use my Palmpress daily and couldn't be more in love with it. I find it so convenient, but, more importantly, fun to make a quick cup in the morning. Super easy to clean too. The fact that it is just as beautiful as anything else on my kitchen counter is such a lovely bonus. I have already gifted it to others and everyone has loved it!

Thank you, Luisa!
The best filter coffee I've had

I prefer to save my superlatives only for things that are truly excellent; this is one of those times where they're justified.

The Palm Press really makes the best filter coffee I've had: as rich as a well-made French press, but as clear as a perfectly-made pour-over. And it's completely effortless; with the proper grind, you just pour in water, wait 3-4 minutes, press into your cup, and you're done.

We even got a second one to bring with us on ski weekends, etc.

My only issue with it is the you do need to be attentive to screwing the two halves together so that you don't spritz hot coffee all over the counter. Other than that, this is a great product.

Thank you, Scott!

My Grandmother was gifted a Keurig a few years ago. For convenience and visitors it works just fine, but she had expressed to me that sometimes she just really wants one good cup of coffee. When I gifted her a palm press this Christmas she was so excited and immediately wanted a demo :) I was the trial run, then she easily made her own. Obviously delicious coffee and she could just throw the grounds on her compost pile!

Thank you, Dayna!
Love it!

Small quick easy and tastes great!

Thank you, Elizabeth!