how to brew cold coffee with palmpress

cold brew

Cold-brewing coffee involves using time instead of heat to extract deliciousness from the ground coffee. This slow-brewing method can result in a sweeter, flavorful cup.

1. Add 4 level tablespoons ground coffee.

2. Add room-temperature water to the MAX FILL line. Stir to ensure no dry spots.

3. Close Filter Cap and let sit on counter for 12+ hours (convenient to let steep over night).

4. Set Palmpress onto mug Filter-side down, and gently press downward.

5. Remove Palmpress from mug - add ice and enjoy!

iced coffee

For iced coffee that's not over-diluted, brew slightly concentrated hot coffee and press over ice.

1. Add ground coffee to the COFFEE LINE and add hot water to 1-inch below the MAX FILL line. Hot water should be about 200°F, or a minute off-boil. (Alternatively, for a larger cup, add 4 level tablespoons ground coffee and add hot water to the MAX FILL line.)

2. Close Filter Cap and let brew for 3 minutes. During this time, fill mug halfway with ice.

3. Set Palmpress onto mug Filter-side down, and gently press downward.

4. Remove Palmpress from mug - add ice and enjoy!


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A Splendid Cuppa

I am most pleased with my PalmPress. It is a robust little contraption, very easy to use and to clean. It makes a very tasty cup of coffee with very little fuss or mess. It's a pleasure to tote it and know I can make a convenient coffee wherever I go.

Thank you, ELK!
Excellent cup of coffee, but...

The palm press makes a great cup of coffee. I don't need to measure how much, I just pour in grinds up to the line and add water up to the line. My only critique is that it only makes a 12oz cup. Maybe there is a larger size that I was unaware of, but I'm always left wanting, just a little more coffee. And since most of our coffee cups are huge, it only fills them about 2/3 of the way.

However, it's easy enough just to dump the grinds and start over again.

Overall, a really nice product!

Thank you, Jonathan!
Clean, easy brew I LOVE IT!!

I've been a big fan of Aeropressing for some time now. (It can be messy)..The palm press is built well and is a clean easy way of brewing the perfect cup of coffee.. Great for on the go or using at home. I plan on purchasing one for my office. Thanks Palm Press for making a product that makes my addiction to coffee a clean and easy brew..

Thank you, Eddie!
Love It!

Perfect for your morning cup of coffee! I love to make a cup of cold brew in this overnight-super easy and ready in the morning!

Thank you, Cl!
Makes geat coffee

I take it in my backpack to work and in my suitcase on the road so I have great coffee everywhere.

Thank you, Errol!