Thank you so much for previewing the Palmpress and our coffee. The idea started as a way to improve my coffee routine, and it led me on a journey to learn about people and their day to day. I learned that good coffee is sometimes as much about the break you give yourself, or a familiar ritual when traveling, as it is about the quality of ingredients and brewing technique. I'm proud that Palmpress can play a part in giving you that moment.

I hope you'll enjoy. If you have any questions, send me a note at

Yours in coffee,

Jessica Do Tully, Palmpress Creator


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Works great

Gave it as a gift and my sister in law really likes it. Uses it at work every day

Perfect for on-the-go-joe

My mom never had the means of getting a great cup of coffee when she needed it so I bought mine as a gift for her. Now everyone at her office wants one! It fits in her lunch bag as well as her purse so matter where she is or what she's doing she never has to go without again! I absolutely love it for that reason and more. Colour me imPALMPRESSed!

Great coffee press

Works great. I use a little less coffee grinds, however, otherwise I find the coffee too strong.

Why didn’t anyone think of this before?

The palmpress is ingenious! The perfect solution to bad coffee at the office.


I love this. The simplicity, size, and its a fantastic brew.