Spare Filter for Palmpress

Color OG


Keep your coffee press clean and functional
One (1) spare stainless-steel filter with silicone gasket. This is the same type of filter that comes with the Palmpress.
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Estimated delivery to Canada is 1-3 weeks.


The average consumer drinks 3 cups of coffee per day

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Waste reduced

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Review since August 2019 first purchase

Purchase one of these palm presses and I was so impressed, I purchased another and gifted it.
Here I am a in 2022 and the Palm Press works as good as the day I bought it. It’s my travel and go to press at home.

Wow, thanks Eddie for sharing your experience! Delighted you’ve been enjoying your Palmpress for almost 3 years!

Palmpress Coffee Press
Veronika Tenitskaya
The best portable coffee press ever

I bought the press like 2 years ago and it works perfect until today . This is absolutely genius idea , super easy in use , super durable , super easy in cleaning , everyone keep asking me where I got this . This palm press is the best travel companion for those that drink home made coffee. Very light and mobile!!!
Recommend it to everyone , 100% worth every penny !!!
Promise you won’t regret

12oz Bag of Coffee
Leslie Sanders
Lovely coffee

I’m not a coffee expert by any means. I have my one cup a day and that’s my limit 😂. This coffee is very nice…smooth and not acidic. The grind is perfect for my Palm Press. Other coffees clog the filter but I have not had that problem with this one. I will definitely order it again.

Thank you, Leslie!

The Palmpress Coffee Press
Rajiv Paonaskar
Cool Travel coffee maker

This is the best portable coffee maker I have had. We backpack and Car camp all the time and we miss having good coffee. I have 2 of them and after 2 yrs they developed a crack in the plastic ring (Due to overtightening). I couldn’t find another (back ordered) so I emailed support. Jess was kind enough to sell me a backup. Wonderful support even though the warranty had expired, I was willing to by another. Compact but slightly heavy for backpacking. Easy to clean and quick to make tasty strong coffee. Not hot enough but warm enough to enjoy. Love the fact that it is environmentally friendly. No more wrappers or filters. Thank you Palm Press. Hope you get the stock back.

Thank you, Rajiv!


This is our new favorite coffee! Also got a cool electric kettle which is really fast..only a few minutes longer than K but w a big quality uptick to the coffee experience.

Thank you, Stephen!